10 days Wealth Awakening Training Camp – Chinese Course 10天财富觉醒训练营 – 中文课程


“* WealthFlow Simulation Set (Worth S$199 – S$299)
* Inclusive of 1 session of WealthFlow Game (worth S$80)
* 一套财富流沙盘 (售价S$199 – S$299)
* 一场财富流游戏 (教练推演价格S$80)”

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Wealth and Joy® Sandtable developed by Tang Qian Jiu from China. It is a simulation of life from 20 – 60 years old. In the simulation, players will gain awareness on the following quotients: Awareness quotient, Emotional quotient, Adversity quotient, Financial quotient, Health quotient and Play quotient.

Wealth & Joy Simulation is designed with philosophical thinking, step by step, integrating the way of awakening life into the square board game, exploring the dichotomy of subconscious and the conscious, internal and external spiritual and material worlds. Through three layers of ordinary flow, setback flow and victory flow discover the impact of four wealth energy type on people, the five elements to achieve wealth and joy, improving six kinds of success quotient during the simulation session, growing through the seven wealth levels.

Mastering the eight wealth dynamic and finally meeting JiuZai (Baby Joy) deep in our heart.

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Chinese V.01, Chinese V.02, English V.01